Some people might remember a good event. But no one ever forgets a great one.

Meet Luminous Events. Our business is smart, accessible event creation.

We love nurturing events to greatness. Using our special blend of originality, imagination and passion, we start by listening to your ideas, adding a few of our own and then applying some focused handcrafting. We work with you to transform your event into an experience that will stay with your guests long after the last act has left the stage.

We’re seasoned and accomplished logistical wranglers, but our real talent lies in uncovering the heart and soul of your event and bringing it to life. We’ll help you realise your vision, without getting in the way of it.

We’ve never met a problem we can’t solve, we’ll work within your budget and we’ll think outside the square. And we’d love to create, finesse or rescue your next event.

Let’s talk about it. Send us a message or give us a call. The first coffee is on us

Luminous Events not only added to the event’s quality, you proactively improved it leading up to and throughout the two-days of the conference itself. Issues were taken care of prior to arising or immediately as they arose and it was all done with humour, kindness and TasCOSS’s best interests in mind. Your lovely way with delegates and presenters alike is reflected in the glowing evaluations we received from almost every delegate who responded to our post-event survey.
— Kym Goodes, CEO, TASCOSS
Meredith and Carmen are a great team and a joy to work with- together they bring complimentary skills and abilities to the table ensuring a great outcome. They really listened to our needs and delivered a great event above and beyond our expectations.
— Sarah Bayne, Inspiring Australia
I can’t begin to explain what a fantastic help you have been at such a busy time. I sincerely thank you for all your patience, support and professionalism. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with you
— Sjaan Field, Community Development Officer, Hobart City Council